Niche Edits

Niche Edits are a great way to have your backlinks placed into aged, niche relevant articles on real established websites through outreach. Unlike some competitors, none of our niche edits are placed on hacked websites.



Niche Edits have been the secret sauce for SEOs for years. Unfortunately, they had recently got a negative reputation when it was revealed that many niche edits were placed on hacked websites without the owner's knowledge or consent.

This resulted in links getting removed and website rankings suffering.

With our niche edits, you can be sure that each one is negotiated with a real webmaster and placed on a legitimate website with actual traffic. Not only that, due to our rather large database of websites, you can be sure that we will place your links only on relevant content.

Many of these articles will also have pre-existing links placed on them so that you will benefit naturally from even more link juice.


Niche edits with DR20-39 are the type of links that are perfect for pointing to supporting pages or directly to sites' homepages. Great value.

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Niche edits with DR40-59 are the type of links that are great for pointing directly at homepages to boost authority or right to money pages.

Buy Now | $140

Niche edits with DR50-59 are the type of links from sites that Google really loves that are awesome for more competitive niches pointing directly at homepages to boost authority or right to money pages.

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Step 1: Choose Your Target URLs / Anchors / Niche /

Once you send us your order, select your target URL, anchor text, and niche of your website. We will start an outreach campaign and reach to very relevant sites to get links from.

Step 2: Outreach

After your order is sent, our outreach team will begin researching articles that will best suit your target URL and outreach to those webmasters. Once that is done, our team will request those website owners to add your links naturally, surrounded by new text.

Step 3: Relax

Once your order is sent, all you have to do is wait 21 to 45 days for your links to be fulfilled. For larger orders, it might take more time. This usually takes more time as we need to set up a new outreach campaign for each new order.

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