Why Us?

Let’s face it. There are a ton of link sellers out there – so why should you buy from IG Publishing?

Who is the Founder of IG Publishing?

Israel Gaudette

My name is Israel Gaudette, I am a full-time affiliate marketer and founder of Link Tracker Pro, a rank tracker tool for SEO.

I am also known as "The Link Builder Guy" because all my successes online are mostly because of my talent as a link builder (You can join my Facebook group here).

My success is mainly because of my backlinks selection, using a mix of public and private methods that ensure almost a guarantee to get a better ranking. The Traffic Authority metric is part of it.

Before founding IG Publishing, I invested close to 15K to build my own outreach and filtering software, which finds and tests the best links in the industry.

Spending 4 figures per month only on API costs and staff salary, I decided that this system could benefit others; here why I've launched IG Publishing.

Site Growth
Traffic growth of 1050% in 12 months using the same links inventory I've made available to you! My links are so good that they pass all the Google's algorithm updates. Start building links without worrying anymore about getting hit by a link-based algorithm.

Guest Posts Links

All sites are tested manually. We look at 5 target URLs from precedent posts for each site and make sure that at least 4 out of 5 see a positive ranking movement in Ahrefs after that the article has been published. This is the best method I have found to avoid sites with bad link juice, which also guarantees a high success rate.

In addition to this extensive manual check, we ensure that the site has a healthy traffic pattern in the last year and has at least 1K+ organic traffic in the USA. We use SEMrush data for gauging the traffic estimation, as I believe, is more accurate than Ahrefs.

The TAT for guest post links is 10-21 days.

Niche Edit Links

What better to get your links into aged articles that rank and have already link juice? It's why we are also offering a complete solution of manual outreach to get your links into existing and relevant articles.

Forget about the typical hacked niche edit links that everyone can get for $50... Those have absolutely nothing to do with them. Niche edit links (link insertion) got a bad reputation in the past because of the saga on hacked niche edit links. However, when done right, niche edits are among the stronger links to get for your sites!

Our process finds the most relevant articles for your target URLs. We contact the webmasters and get your links inserted naturally, surrounded by text. We do all the hard work for you!

The prospection process ensure that;

  1. We are getting only links from websites having at least 1K in organic traffic (Ahrefs data).
  2. The website doesn't have any footprints for guest posting or sponsored posts. This guarantees to have a great diversity of links, the typical links you may not be able to get through the guest posting service.

Because every order requires setting up a new customized outreach campaign, the delivery period is longer.

The TAT for niche edit links is 21-45 days and can take up to 60 days for orders of 20 links or more.

More Reasons to Choose my Service

#1 Trust

I am building links for years and have built up a private list of guest post sellers that I have filtered and used on my own affiliate websites. Every site that I have in my database are sites that I use on my own websites.

Unlike other link sellers, we don’t sell links from sites that I think are garbage. We test and filter my list all the time, and while this can sometimes cause my database to be smaller than I would like – it is better than having a big database filled with trash.

#2 Strict Evaluation Process

All the sites in our database go through a rigorous filtering process to ensure the best value for your money. The first thing we do is filter our sites using Majestic to ensure that they have enough Trust Flow.

Then we filter a second time with Ahrefs to ensure that potential sites have authority. We then filter a third time with SEMrush to ensure that potential sites have a minimum of 1000 US visitors per month.

We then review each site to ensure that they have been around longer than a year and that they have not received a dramatic hit in traffic.

This strict evaluation process keeps our database small but very high quality.

#3 Always Adapting

Link building never stays the same – that is why we are constantly testing and updating our processes. I have always been active on Facebook because I believe in sharing what I learn with others.

Over the years, I have found that this has given me a tremendous competitive edge because the more I share – the more I learn from other industry experts. That is why I opened a Facebook group where I share all of my link building experiences.

From internal testing, we now have a killer package of Niche Edits that are going to impress. No, these aren’t your typical niche edits that are on hacked, outdated WordPress sites.

These are real and high-powered niche edits negotiated with real webmasters that will confuse your competitors and be a secret weapon to your SEO arsenal.

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